• "Shri. P.Vijaya Kumar, Director/CTARA welcoming the guests"

  • "FA & CAO/SCR Smt. Padmini Radhakrishnan speaking on the occassion"

  • "Shri. Sanjoy Mookherjee, Financial Commissioner, Railways"

From The Director´s desk
Director C-TARA

Our endeavor is to inculcate a collective pride in our Organisation and a collective vision for the future. The dynamics of transport economics are subjected to several fluidities and the role of Accounts & Finance turns vibrant with the necessity of being quick learners and front runners for placing global changes and challenges in the right perspective. C-TARA aims to facilitate this alongside strengthening our conventional wisdom acquired from our time tested practices......



"To emerge as a premier world class Financial and Managerial Training and Research Academy, in Rail and Transportation Economics and Finance, while contributing to and enabling the Corporate Objectives of Indian Railways".
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Future Plans

To Create a virtual classroom across Indian Railways, through video based e-learning, to Create a database of PPT´s, Tutorials & videos for accessing through internet by officers & staff of across Indian Railways
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